LEED Standard. Experienced Team. Full Management. Organized Demolition.

Avenue Soils is an experienced demolition contractor that is equipped and trained and organized to perform any type of demolition project, large or small.

We can deliver a professionally executed project with our highly trained fully equipped staff.

Our on-Site team are available for your company on a 24/7 basis as they are required to execute your project goals.

Send Avenue Soils an email to discuss your demolition scope of work. We will be very engaged with your company to discuss how your demolition project can be completed on time and on budget.

Need soil, sediment and groundwater laboratory analysis, or a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment? 
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Effective Waste Management

Waste has to be managed effectively such as:

  • Staff training and contractor debriefing
  • Balanced weight loads for waste containers
  • Types and sizes of containers for various materials
  • Hauling and pickup scheduling to minimize time on road and away from site. 

    Waste materials are a key component of any construction project. To take advantage of recycling industry opportunities, Avenue Soils separates waste materials to divert recyclable materials from landfill sites.

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