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Avenue Soils & Waste Recovery will always provide a fair price for the best service.

Mission and Vision

Our corporate goal and vision is to provide accurate 24/7 service that addresses environmental construction needs to our customers. We believe in utilizing our diverse experience to remedy any environmental issue in the simplest and most economical resolution possible within industry standards and to the priorities of our customers.
For many years we have been involved within the environmental industry providing the services that we have outlined herein. We have expanded our pool of resources and range of services by affiliation with similar corporate services that resonate with our corporate culture and philosophy.

Founder, Carmelo Cini

Carmelo has been in the environmental construction business, transportation & disposal of soils & solid waste collection in Ontario for over 50 years. He started with one truck that was given to him by his dad and built his company to 90 trucks, 250 employees, and 4,500 active accounts.

Through his many years working with customers, he learned one important thing, “If you service your customer right with good pricing, you will service them for life.”

Carmelo worked on the excavation jobs on the Bloor subway, TD Towers and New Toronto City Hall. He has been an industry innovator, challenging himself to provide the best 24/7 service possible to his customers.

Carmelo’s experience has evolved over the decades to all forms of transportation & disposal of soils, from clean fill, to impacted non-hazardous soils. He has developed affiliations with other companies to provide clean fill sites landfill sites transfer stations across Ontario to service his customers.

You can call Carmelo 24/7 to help you with your transportation & disposal needs at (416) 476-1790.

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