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Throughout the construction industry finding new clean fill sites is challenging at times. Knowing where to legally locate clean fill sites is extremely important to all the industry players. Just as important are the other factors affecting costs, such as:

  • Job site location: we will price the job to the closest clean fill site.
  • Analytical Soil Report: we always need your analytical soil report including the TCLP / bulk analysis for clean fill or impacted to provide an accurate quote.

Need soil, sediment and groundwater laboratory analysis, or a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment? Call for a quote at 416-476-1790. 

Avenue Soils has been a provider of clean fill sites for several decades now in the Regional Toronto area and in Southern Ontario. We know the variables to recommend the best option for your clean fill needs. We have at any time, up to 15 clean fill sites available.

Your project costs will benefit from our knowledge and experience.

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