Full Site Remediation

Soils and waste recovery. Full remediation service.

Confronting a remediation of soils contamination on your site or being affected by your neighbours’ contamination can be very stressful, time consuming, costly and bewildering.

Performing due diligence to ensure the site conditions are clean will give you peace of mind and support from lawyers and financiers to support your funding. Investigating the history of the land and the neighbourhood may give cause for further more detail investigation of hidden conditions of risk.

Certifications, test reports and very long-term implications for your land may require long periods of investigations, test sampling and extraction to recover the use of your site.

The purchase, sale or leasing of a property may need to be investigated quickly such as during a closing period of a sale to provide a “Record of site condition” filed with the Ministry of Environment that certifies the clean site condition to warranty the site as a clean site.

Need soil, sediment and groundwater laboratory analysis, or a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment? 
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Safe, Certified Services

The Avenue Soils team of associated services are available to provide assistance with whatever site condition and challenge presents itself.

Certification of soil conditions is available through our associates. From field testing soils, laboratory investigations, to excavation trucking and dumping.

Just as important to the resolution process is the how to remove or treat the site condition. Avenue Soils follows health and safety policies and procedures that are crucial to any soil treatment process.

Whether you are investigating sites or resolving found conditions, Avenue Soils can advise on relevant options and recommend a detailed plan with the least cost to bring back your site to safe environmental conditions.

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