Impacted Non-Hazardous Soils

Impacted soils. Loading, trucking and dumping. Full excavation services.

Avenue Soils has the experience and the appropriate trucking approvals of over 200 trucks and loaders to handle your specific needs to transport your impacted soils.

Our facilities are able to receive material on a daily basis. Your impacted material will always go to approved M.O.E. sites.

Through our many years of experience of handling various types of contaminated soil, we can advise your company of the most cost-effective methods to achieve a clean fill status.

We can provide certifications and support our processes with laboratory tests as required.

Need soil, sediment and groundwater laboratory analysis, or a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment? 
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Flexible Service

Our operations are flexible to service your specific soil condition needs.

Depending on the project, we may quote a firm contract based on a unit cost per metric tonne.

During the removal stage Avenue Soils will issue daily weights reports to monitor the haulage count and tonnage excavated.

Your company will be assured that Avenue Soils will provide an accurate value for your investment and stand by the quotations.

To start the quotation process, please forward your analytical soil report to to confirm the type of impacted soils and volume, including the TCLP & bulk analysis.

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